2001 February 14, Captain Meeks introduced Melinda to her new partner. When Melinda turned around and saw Tony, her heart skipped a beat. She shook his hand but with a grip that didn’t let go. Captain Meeks told them what their duties were going to be, since they both worked on the Homicide Division. Captain Meeks told Melinda that Tony had just transferred from Massachusetts and to show him the ropes. Throughout the day Melinda kept staring at Tony. She was mesmerized with his smile. He was like a breath of fresh air.  She told him she was going to get a cup of coffee after work and he offered to come along. She found nothing personal about him only what he did on the force. But still he didn’t say much. He was very quiet.

 Melinda and Tony worked day and night together. They were great partners. They would solve crimes together. They were like an unstoppable force. She felt happy when Tony told her he admired her and that she was very smart. She blushed when he grabbed her hand and asked why there wasn’t a ring on her finger,

Tony stared at Melinda when she was talking to the captain. She caught his stare. He smiled a great big smile at her.  Melinda heart jittered.  Captain looked at them both and shook his head.

Weeks turned into Months and Tony kept Melinda at bay he knew she wanted to be with him. He felt it. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Even when work was over she would call him just to discuss nothing.  He didn’t want her to think that he liked her as well, so he kept his eyes away from her when he felt her staring. He didn’t want her not in that kind of way.

2002 Based on Tony and Melinda’s performance, evaluation, eligibility and the police department requirements, they both became homicide detectives.  They were above all personal police officers who applied for the position. 

Tony and Melinda were admired by her peers and Captain Meeks. Both were ranked as the best detectives on the force.  

Melinda and Tony went out to celebrate with their friends on the police force.  They all were drinking and having a great time. All the designated drivers just drank a cold beverage. As Melinda headed to the ladies room she caught Tony as he was coming out of the Men’s restroom. She giggled then placed a kiss on his lips. Tony stared at her then smile. He knew she was drunk. She quickly apologized then bashfully ran into the bathroom. That night Tony barely said anything to Melinda. He stared at her with a look on his face as he drank his soda. As the night began to end Melinda and the others who were drinking left with their partners. Tony drove Melinda home. He helped her to her doorway and then walked her into her bedroom. He took her shoes off and laid her on her bed. Melinda grabbed Tony’s hand as he was about to leave. No stay she said. He smiled and told her he had to go.  She asked him to bring her a glass of water. Tony left the room and headed to the kitchen. He filled a glass of water then headed back to Melinda’s bedroom. She was knocked out.

Tony breathed a sigh of relief. He covered Melinda with her comforter and then left.

The next day Tony went to pick Melinda up to take her to get her car. Melinda invited him in. As he entered Melinda began apologizing for her behavior the night before. Tony accepted and told her that he was not offended. She asked if she was out of line. He mentioned to her about the kiss she gave him.  Melinda bashfully looked away. I was out of line she said. Its okay, no need to apologize he said. Melinda looked at him smiled then walked closer to him. She reached up and kissed him again. Was it like this she asked? Yes Tony said accepting it.  As she got more passionate, Tony pulled away from her and then sat. He asked her to sit next to him on the couch. What do you want he asked? Because I am not looking for any kind of relationship. If its sex that you need then I can fulfill that. But I cannot commit to you. Before we go on you have to agree and understand. It can’t go beyond that. No feelings attached. We have to agree on it. I don’t want this going one way. And it cannot interfere with our job… understand? Do you agree? He asked staring into Melinda’s eyes. Yes she said. I agree.  Tony kissed Melinda passionately then picked her up from the couch and continue kissing her all the way to her bedroom. Before she knew what was going on she found herself out of her clothing and into Tony’s arm. And then the turmoil began………………………………………..